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Honor Flight Network has received many donations in the memory of a loved one. We want to recognize these men and women in some way. The individuals listed below have had a donation made to Honor Flight Network in their honor or memory. Please take a moment to read over the names and think about the sacrifices they have made to our country's freedom, because freedom is not free.

If you would like to make a donation in memory or honor of a loved one, please add to the comments section of our online donation form or by inserting a note with your check mailed to our main Honor Flight office.

To view a Tribute, please click on the first letter of the last name below. Thank you!

Latest tributes:

Kostak, Kathy
— in honor of by Pamela Tipton

Edwards, Francis R. "Bud" – WWII US Army Air Corp
— in memory of by Ronald & Alexandra Stachowiak

Buerger, Gordon Lynn – WWII US Navy
— in memory of by VFW Post 4328, Theodore, AL.

Wentworth, Robert & Sheila – Honor of All Veterans in their family
— in honor of by Courtney Sabrado

Kraus, Dr. Sidney – US Navy
— In memory of by The Bledsoe Family

Carr, Jr., John B.
— in honor of by C. Samuel Carr

Marr, Sylvia "Micki"
— in memory of by Catherine Rips

Olde, Robert Edward
— in memory of by Kathleen Reese

Goodman, Paul – WWII
— in honor of by Arthur Zavala & Megan Close

McCarthy, John Patrick – WWII US Navy
— in memory of by Diana Joy Westfall

Kiely, Robert J.
— in honor of by Kathleen Berg

Gordon, David
— in honor of by Ruth Milkler

Williams, Lee – WWII, Korea
— in honor of by Robin Goodhart

Williams, Lee

Olde, Robert Edward – WWII Normandy
— in memory6 of by6 Dickman Family

Dixon, Paul – Korea - US Army
— in honor of by David Dixon

Dixon, Paul

Perry, Patrick
— in honor of by Erinn Perry

Rzepka, Louis – WWII
— in memory of by Joyce Berthiaume

Padgett, Virginia
— in memory of byThomas & Rosemary Keech

Blahnik, Robert – WWII - US Army Air Corp; Korean - US Air Force
— in memory of by Susan & Doug Greenberg

Zeidman, Elmer
— in honor of by Carrie Zeidman

Degroot, Mark & Peg – Merry Christmas & Happy New York
— in honor of by John J. Degroot

Karstettter, Thomas
— in memory of by Kathleen Gallagher

— in memory of by Kathleen Gallagher

Bridges, Jr., John L. – Vietnam LTJG US Navy
— in memory of by Brian Bridges

Zeidman, Morris
— in honor of by Carrie Zeidman

Cline, Phil
— in honor of by Joan Potter

Friedberg, Clayton & Karen
— in honor of by Matthew Zavadsky

Band, Gary & Erin
— in honor of by Matthew Zavadsky