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Honor Flight Network has received many donations in the memory of a loved one. We want to recognize these men and women in some way. The individuals listed below have had a donation made to Honor Flight Network in their honor or memory. Please take a moment to read over the names and think about the sacrifices they have made to our country's freedom, because freedom is not free.

If you would like to make a donation in memory or honor of a loved one, please add to the comments section of our online donation form or by inserting a note with your check mailed to our main Honor Flight office.

To view a Tribute, please click on the first letter of the last name below. Thank you!

Latest tributes:

Fouts, Robert D. – US Navy Vietnam
— in memory of by Rebecca Conrad

Fouts, Robert D. – US Navy Vietnam
— In memory of by Patricia Wiegel

Edmonds, Ray – WWII & Korea
— in honor of by Linda Booker

Ingrasci, Joseph
— In memory of by Sonia Choquette

Bissell, Donald – WWII US Army
— In memory of by Karen Clein

Bissell, Donald – WWII Us Army
— In memory of by Maureen Gibson

Arians, Robert – Korea US Army Mst. Sgt.
— In Memory of by Paul Elkins

Arians, Robert – Korea - US Army Mst. Sgt
— In memory of by James Weaver

Moore II, Charles E. – Clearwater, FL
— in honor of by Barbara Moore

Roberts, Frarnk J. – 90th Birthday
— In honor of by Robert & Marabeth Steffen

Hogge, Sr, William
— In memory of by friends at Dept. of Veterans Affairs

McElhiney, Beryl – WWII US Marine Corp
— In memory of by Karen Giles

Harris, Mark & Mauer, Debra – Wedding Gift
— In honor of by Laurel Sanftner

Netzger, Donald – WWII/ US Navy
— In memory of by Wendy Larive

Mercandetti, Ronald
— In memory of by Jeff & Debbie Fantin

Carstensen, Daniel – WWII US Air Force
— In memory of by Aspirus Care & Rehab.

Hogge, Sr., William P.
— In memory of by Kathy Powell-Shelhorse

Bowman, Robert T.
— In honor of by Kenneth Bowman

Artino, Nick
— In memory of by Lynn & Gary Lappin

Grimm, Edward
— In honor of by James Bias

Batzkall, Richard – WWII US Army
— In honor of by Lynne Dunham

Kite, Bernie
— In memory of by Ellis Allan & Joyce Axelrod

Ciupak, George Stanley – WWII
— In memory of by Chris Lawson

Ciupak, George Stanley – WWII
— In memory of by Jeane Lawson Ciupak

Ciupak, George Stanley – WWII
— In memory of by Sherry & Russell Lawson

Ciupak, George Stanley – WWII
— In memory of by Michael & Marcia Kotcik

Sandella, Mikc – WWII US Army
— In Memory of By Barbara Hixson

Hall, John
— In memory of by Robert & Margaret Wilson Jones

Hogan, John
— In honor of 90th Birthday by John & Jean Byrnes

Podshak, Nancy
— In memory of by Mary Axt