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Honor Flight To Expand the RVC Program

Honor Flight Continues Its Urgent Mission of Transporting World War II Veterans to Visit their World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. by RV Convoys

On Tuesday July 29, 2008 HFN took possession of a 28' motor home, donated by Mae Davis, in Madison Indiana. Following a custom decal wrap, this incredibly thoughtful contribution is now being used as the "Flag Ship" for the Honor Flight RVC or Recreational Vehicle Convoy program. This program offers an opportunity to visit the Memorial to those veterans who do not wish to fly.

The Honor Flight Network RV Flagship, donated by Mae Davis of North Washington, Indiana, will be used to expand the RVC program, which is recruiting RV owners to participate in tours of Washington, D.C. with WWII Veterans as passengers.

Honor Flight has recruited several RV owners from Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding area, who make a once-in-a lifetime opportunity come true for those Veterans who traveled with them. All recruited drivers are extremely excited about this program and have expressed an overwhelming appreciation for the opportunity to give something back to these wonderful men and women.

Honor Flight is dedicated to providing our Veterans the richly deserved and now urgent opportunity to personally experience the very memorial that honors their contributions to the country's history and freedom. The RVC program offers a safe and comfortable means of transportation to help make that happen, with trips being made from April through the end of October.

Participating RV owners are able to claim expenses for miscellaneous costs on their federal tax returns as a contribution to Honor Flight, a federal nonprofit. RV owners traveling to Washington will enjoy meals, a deluxe motor coach ride and tour to all the war memorials in Washington DC on a Saturday. "Such a visit to these incredible memorials is even more wonderful when accompanied by the heroes for whom these memorials were built," said Earl Morse, Honor Flight Founder.
During the day, veterans will be escorted and cared for by other RV occupants who escort the veterans from their home towns. As schedules permit, participants visit the World War II, Korean, Vietnam, Iwo Jima Memorials and Arlington Cemetery. Meals, tee shirts, disposable cameras and tour bus service are provided at no cost to the

Following a successful pilot program in the Dayton, Ohio area, Honor Flight is now planning an expansion of the RVC program to target major cities en route from Dayton through Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia, HFN is asking for the continued support of the RV community in Ohio and other eastern states to help with the program expansion.

The timely opportunity to visit the World War II Memorial is not in the veterans' favor. According to 2011 statistics, about 900 World War II veterans pass away every day.  Hundreds of veterans on the Honor Flight waiting list have passed away, patiently waiting their turn.

How to Participate in Honor Flight Program

Honor Flight is asking for the public's support to help make the dreams of those remaining veterans come true quickly -- before it's too late. Despite its best efforts, Honor Flight does not currently have government sponsorship. It is funded solely by public donations, veteran service organizations and a growing number of corporate fundraisers and an incredible network of dedicated volunteers.

Interested RV owners are encouraged to contact Honor Flight Network Headquarters at 937 521-2400 or email program coordinator Dian Holland at
For more information about the Honor Flight Network program, visit Honor Flight's web site at call (937) 521-2400.