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Solo Program


To apply for this program, visit these links:
Veteran Application
Guardian Application

We’re running out of time and lack sufficient funding to transport EVERY World War II, Korean War & Vietnam War veteran to D.C. Over 20,000 WWII Veterans are on our national Honor Flight Network (HFN) waiting list. Some have been waiting over three years and sadly hundreds of them have died. Daily we struggle to reach these incredible men and women who were willing to sacrifice everything for all of us. Our national network has been able to make the dreams of over 98,500 WWII veterans come true; however, we lack sufficient funding to rapidly reach everyone else.

The Honor Flight Network Solo Program piggy backs on our “Lone Eagle” Program which targets isolated individuals of WWII veterans who have been on our National waiting list for over one year. They live in areas where no HFN hub exists. The Solo program will finally permit us to take FULL advantage of the available seats and rooms, while helping hundreds of veterans, their families and friends enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Honor Flight Solo program is ideally designed for WWII, Korean & Vietnam veterans and their guardians willing to pay THEIR OWN WAY to BWI Airport. The program is equally accommodating to people meeting the bus tour in Washington D.C.

If you are interested in this program, please download this PDF and read it completely. Contact instructions are in the PDF document.

Below is the 2014 schedule for the Lone Eagle/TLC/Solo Program:

March 21 - 23 May 16 - 18 June 20 - 22
September 5 - 7 October 10 - 12 November 7 - 9