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Southwest TLC Program


To apply for this program, visit these links:
Veteran Application
Guardian Application

The Honor Flight Network’s primary mission is to fly World War II Veterans to Washington DC, to visit their newly constructed WWII Memorial. Our primary focus is on World War II Veterans because they are our nation’s most senior heroes. Across America, over 640 WWII Veterans pass away every day.

Another category of veterans we are equally concerned about are ALL those who served in uniform, that were recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. It is our mission to transport these veterans if they have never been able to visit the various national memorials constructed to honor the service and sacrifice of their brothers and sisters in arms. All such veterans, regardless of the conflict they participated in (Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, etc), who wish to visit our nation’s existing memorials, will be invited to do so. Specifically, this program includes ALL veterans, even younger veterans who participated in recent conflicts for which a national memorial does not exist. At the Honor Flight Network, we feel they all should have an opportunity to clearly see and appreciate how our nation honors those who were willing to lay down their very lives in service to our country. This special category of veterans we refer to as “TLC’s,” meaning “Their Last Chance”.

Mr. James McLaughlin, Honor Flight Chairman of the Board is responsible for arranging all TLC flights. He has a host of volunteers that assist him in accomplishing this noble task. TLC’s are given top priority. We do everything possible to ensure such veterans are accommodated on the very next flight, regardless of their location.

To determine if a veteran qualifies as a TLC, we apply the following criteria:

  • Provide a note, signed by a physician, with diagnosis and prognosis.
  • A current diagnosis of cancer, in any organ system EXCEPT the prostate (unless extremely aggressive, rare forms) is considered terminal if the physician concurs.
  • Acute Leukemia.
  • Presently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy for a cancerous condition OTHER THAN prostate cancer.
  • Any other terminal condition that, according to the veteran’s private physician, is likely to limit the veteran’s life to 12 months or less. Again, the diagnosis and prognosis must be stated in a note signed by a physician.

If the veteran requires oxygen, a prescription for the oxygen must be provided by the veteran’s healthcare provider, identifying the delivery method (mask or nasal cannula), frequency (as needed or continuously), and the rate of delivery (2–3 liters per minute). We also provide oxygen cylinders to be used at the memorials. Overnight stays are required and we will provide an overnight concentrator to use in the hotel room. Veterans on oxygen are required to have oxygen available from their home to the departure airport and also on the return from their local airport back to their homes. No oxygen cylinders are permitted to be used on the aircraft or on the deluxe motor coaches used in Washington DC.

These special veterans require close observation. To avoid having an ill veteran travel alone, we must have ONE next–generation guardian, willing to escort the veteran to DC. For a donation of $400, Honor Flight will provide the guardian with transportation, meals, lodging, etc.. This guardian must be trained, competent and experienced in the routine medical care of the veteran. Overnight stays are required. We will book a room with two double beds so the guardian can stay with the veteran. The guardian needs to complete a guardian application.

As always, the veteran is not required to pay for ANYTHING, unless they choose to purchase souvenirs. They have paid enough with their service to this country.

Below is the 2014 schedule for the Lone Eagle/TLC/Solo Program:

March 21 - 23 May 16 - 18 June 20 - 22
September 5 -7 October 10 - 12 November 7 - 9

If you or someone you know meets this criteria, please contact Mr. McLaughlin at (614) 482-9031 or (614) 558-6220 or e-mail him at The application for the Guardian for the TLC Program is at the top of the page also.