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To celebrate America’s veterans by inviting them to share in a day of honor at our nation’s memorials.


A nation where all of America’s veterans experience the honor, gratitude, and community of support they deserve.

Honor Flight Network is a national nonprofit organization comprised of independent hubs working together to achieve the Honor Flight mission. In furtherance of this common goal, we have the enormous privilege of showing our nation’s veterans the appreciation and honor they deserve.
Participation in an Honor Flight trip gives veterans the opportunity to share this momentous occasion with other comrades, remember the fallen, and share their stories and experiences with other veterans. Honored veterans always travel free of charge, thanks to generous donations to our organization.

While initially focused on America’s World War II veterans, Honor Flight Network has expanded its mission to include those who served during the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The Honor Flight TLC program also honors veterans of any service era who are critically ill.

In order to maximize the number of American veterans served by our organization, each eligible veteran may only be honored on a single Honor Flight trip. 

Honor Flight Trip Schedule

Over 128 hubs across the country form our Honor Flight Network. These hubs and their volunteers truly make our mission a success. They freely donate their time and talents to coordinate flights, bus trips, welcome home ceremonies, thousands of phone calls and so much more – all with the common goal to honor our nation’s heroes with the trip of a lifetime.
Through Honor Flight Network’s Lone Eagle program, we are able to serve those veterans who live in areas with no local hub – furthering the reach of our impact.

Honor Flight National Staff

The day-to-day operations of Honor Flight Network are handled by an exceptional group of professionals. They engage with our hubs on a daily basis, providing support, training, scheduling and assistance when necessary. While Honor Flight Network is not a franchise, our national staff designs and implements procedures and regulations for hubs to follow as guidelines and recommendations for their operations.
Honor Flight Network’s national staff also manages donations and corporate sponsorships that support the Lone Eagle program, hub assistance funding, and new hub opportunities.

Every great nonprofit has an engaged and talented Board of Directors that offers guidance, strategic vision and unwavering commitment. Honor Flight Network is no exception. Our dedicated Board of Directors proudly shapes the future of Honor Flight Network – establishing long term relations with various industries and national sponsors alike, developing a planned path for the national office, and interfacing with hubs around the country.
We couldn’t ask for a more committed and gifted group of individuals.



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Honor Flight was created with a simple, yet powerful, mission – honoring our nation’s veterans by bringing them to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials built to commemorate their service and sacrifice.  The Honor Flight Network was co-founded by Jeff Miller and Earl Morse. 

While initially focused only on America’s World War II veterans, Honor Flight Network now also includes those who served in the military during the Korean and Vietnam War eras, along with veterans of any service era who are critically ill.

Transporting approximately 22,500 veterans annually, Honor Flight Network has flown over 300,000 veterans to Washington, D.C. since its inception.


Co-founders of Honor Flight, Earl Morse and Jeff Miller


Click here to watch Jeff and Earl talk about the early days of Honor Flight.


Meredith Rosenbeck
Meredith Rosenbeck
Chief Executive Officer
Marion Watkins, Chief of Staff
Marion Watkins
Chief of Staff
Bobbie Bradley
National Program Director
Angela Bresee
Bus Program Coordinator &
National Hub Liaison
Stephanie Hill
Stephanie Hill
Administrative Assistant &
Social Media
Jennifer Brawley
Jenny Brawley
DC Support Liaison
Michael Thena
Michael Thena
Technology Coordinator &
U.S.A.F. Veteran