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The Honor Flight Network has worked with Dillon’s Bus Services/Coach USA to provide a deeply discounted advertising rate for corporations to co-brand an Honor Flight wrapped coach transport bus with a wheelchair lift to serve veterans during the Honor Flight Seasons in Washington, D.C.

Each wrapped coach bus will operate for 12 months.  The Honor Flight Network created this special branding opportunity knowing how helpful and comforting it is for our honored veterans to easily identify their transportation during an Honor Flight. Bus sponsors have the opportunity to select the photos for use on their particular bus.  This corporate sponsorship opportunity shows your commitment to our veterans and is an excellent branding opportunity for your business.

Wheelchair Bus Sponsorships


In 2021, the Honor Flight Network had a special opportunity to transport veterans in a patriotic, fully wrapped Honor Flight coach transport bus with a chair lift. The bus allows veterans to better identify his and her transportation as they seek out their bus at each stop. In addition to being helpful, the buses exhibit a “patriotic wow factor” and we find veterans and visitors to the memorials enjoy getting their picture alongside each bus during each stop at the memorials. We find they also go on to post these pictures on social media, thus furthering the reach of the branding opportunity and expanding the opportunity to tell the Honor Flight story.


Businesses that become bus sponsors receive special branded logo recognition on the bus alongside the Honor Flight Network logo at the rear of the bus. Each bus is reserved exclusively for the use of Honor Flight during our season but will remain in circulation when not in use by Honor Flight. This will increase brand recognition and provides veterans with information on how to sign up for his or her own Honor Flight.

Honor Flight Network is pleased to additionally provide the following major donor recognition:

  • Listing as a major donor via Honor Flight’s social media and website.
  • A national media release (upon request).
  • Corporate pictures alongside the bus.
  • Use of the Honor Flight Network logo.
  • Special corporate and employee volunteer engagement opportunities.
  • Invitation to provide a special note and/or branded item(s) for Honor Flight participants.
  • First opportunity to sponsor a bus for future year(s).
Contact Marion Watkins, Chief of Staff at mwatkins@honorflight.org for more information.
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